Books currently available for purchase or to check out at the library:

Poetry Leaves: Volume 4 (2019)

  • Adult Contemporary Edition, ISBN 9781079911909

  • Complete Children's Edition, ISBN 9781695811027

  • Grayson Elementary Volume, ISBN 9781695825611

  • Mason Middle School Volume, ISBN 9781695831551

  • Riverside Elementary Volume, ISBN 9781695822504

    • Contains Riverside & homeschool ​


Poetry Leaves: Volume 3 (2018)

  • Adult Contemporary Edition, ISBN 9781721139248

  • Children's Edition, ISBN 9781722103170

Poetry Leaves: Volume 2 (2017)

  • Adult Contemporary Edition, ISBN 9781976237911

  • Children's Edition, ISBN 9781547242955

Poetry Leaves: Volume 1 (2016)

  • ISBN 9781536841312


To purchase a volume, please mail the book order form with a cash or check payment ($25 for the volume) to the library.  A $10 shipping fee is added if you are having the book shipped to your home.  You can also purchase a copy of the book at the library's circulation desk using the order form and cash, check, or debit. There is a $1.25 service charge for using a debit/credit card.

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