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Creating the Exhibition!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

As I said in my last post I was going to make another that details how we get your poems ready for the exhibition (which opens on May 20th, by the way!). We're accepting submissions through March 27th so if you haven't already submitted one, get it in! We cannot wait to unveil all of the awesome poetry that we have received, so keep it coming!

That being said, let's just dive right in.

There are several steps involved in getting your poems ready for the exhibition, the first steps mirror that of the publishing side, in that we print them off, scan them as JPEGs, and then rename them. After that, the two processes diverge.

In the past, we have printed poems onto the transparencies and most of them looked like the example below. Kind of hard to read, right? That's what we thought and this year we are going to print these onto white cardstock so that way they are easy to read and more accessible!

However, getting from the JPEG to the final product, that will still look similar to the above, involves some hard work.

The first thing that I do is I go through and make sure that all of the poems are oriented properly, generally after we can them they come out in landscape orientation (which would make them sideways) and in order to save myself any hassle later I put them into portrait orientation first.

Then I need to open publisher, which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, so that I can make the JPEG into leaves! Before I can make them into leaves I need to find some images of leaves that I can insert to make a background for your poems! This part is pretty simple, I just image search for leaves on white backgrounds or even transparent backgrounds to insert into publisher. Once I insert it, I also make sure to mess with the transparency and color of it so that the poems that get put in over it can be easily read.

Once I have the leaf adjusted and just the way that I want it (in terms of orientation, color, size, and level of transparency), I get to insert your poem JPEG. Now that just covers up everything that I just did with the leaf so that means that we have to crop your poem down right up to the words. Once it's cropped there is this awesome tool in publisher that allows you to make transparent backgrounds. After it is applied to your poem all that is left is the words and from there I can adjust the size to fit and also darken the text if needed.

Lastly, I put the Poetry Leaves logo onto it. Usually it goes in a bottom corner but occasionally it makes more sense to put it up in the top. Once that is all fitted in, I do one last lookover to make sure the I like the way that everything is oriented and colored. If it is, then I save it into a folder with the rest of the leaves for this years exhibition.

Now this may seem pretty simple and it is, if you're doing one or two. So far this year, we have gotten almost a hundred submissions and there's nearly a month left for people to submit! The quality of the work that has been submitted is also so amazing to see; the talent that this community has is astronomical.

Until next time!

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