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All about Publishing

While we haven't acquired all of the poems yet, since the deadline isn't until March 27th, I have started to compile all of the poems into a word document to get them ready for publishing!

If you're like me then that word may be a little scary or intimidating. Well I am here to share my knowledge of the process we use here at Poetry Leaves to give everyone some insight into the project!

I want to start at the beginning to show you what your poem is going to be going through to get to the final print anthology. (I do plan to also give some insight into how we create the 'leaves' for the exhibit, but that'll be a separate post. So keep an eye out for that!)

The first step is you submitting your lovely poems to us! After we receive them we do a couple things: we print them out so that way we have a physical copy in case the servers go down and we can't get to those files, we also then scan them so they are JPEG files instead of word documents, and then we make sure to rename them appropriately.

This is when the real tedious work comes in. I take all of them JPEGs and make them all the same orientation, when we scan them in they often are in landscape orientation and I have to adjust them into being portrait orientation. From there we use a specialized word document that has a specific paper size and also alternating margins, this is our test anthology. I then have to go through and manually crop every single JPEG which is one of the reasons this is an ongoing process and not something we do all at once. So after I crop them, I then have to resize them to fit them onto the sheet, within the margins, and make them as readable and as clear as possible. This will be why some of the poems may appear to have a larger font size than others, the smaller poems are able to be blown up much more than the ones that are full sheets.

After all of the poems are put into the document we then use KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to take what we've done on the word document and get it into the print world. Using KDP is generally quite intuitive and if you're looking to self-publish I would highly recommend looking into using it. Then once it is approved and uploaded on there it goes straight onto Amazon for you guys to buy it!

That is pretty much a brief overview of what goes into the publishing process here at Poetry Leaves! Keep an eye out for my next post which will have more to do with putting the exhibition together!

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