Notice about the 2020 Exhibit & Print Volume

2020 was the last year for the Poetry Leaves Exhibit and its accompanying print volume. Thank you for your participation in this wonderful project, and a special thanks to our sponsors for making Poetry Leaves possible!

The 2020 Poetry Leaves Exhibit was held online in April 2021. The online exhibit ran from April 1st-April 30th.


The 2020 anthologies are currently available for sale. They are also in the collection at the Waterford Township Public Library

What was Poetry Leaves?

Poetry Leaves was an indoor and outdoor poetry exhibition that took place on the Township Campus, including Township Hall, the Dept. of Public Works lobby, and the Library. The Township Campus is located at 5200 Civic Center Dr., Waterford, MI, 48329.


This novel idea was a brainchild of Sue Camilleri. Then it was spearheaded by Joan Rogers of the Waterford Township Public Library.


Email us at: poetryleaveswaterford@gmail.com

Can I reprint or republish my poem?

If you submitted a poem to Poetry Leaves in any year, you have permission to reprint or republish your poem in other sources. Poets retain the rights to their work. 


Special Thanks

Special thanks to our 2020 sponsors!

Poetry Leaves Book

The exhibit's poems are added to a print volume each year. Click on the book for more info on purchasing a volume of poetry.